Aisha Weinhold
Aisha Weinhold
You can't take me anywhere, but I'm going places.

In pursuit of the radical


I’m t-pain, you know me…


Did you believe me?! I am actually not T-Pain. My name is Aisha Weinhold and I am a cis, white-passing, non-disabled human living in Colorado. I am endlessly entertained by feminist theory and adventure-based nonfiction. Right now I am really into birds of prey, needlepointing and talking about reading books recommended by Obama. I don’t have many thoughts that are unique and none that are original. I am an alpinist at heart and a pavement-pounding sack of bones in reality. My heart belongs to Cardi B and Ke$ha. Oh! And my husband, Steve.

Dripping in finesse


This statement really couldn’t be farther from the truth, but I am usually dripping in something. I am constantly making mistakes and trying to right them. I am just another wandering spirit searching for bliss in nature. Jk. That’s also not true. I like pop hip-hop, I loudly debate social justice phenomena over too much wine, I have been so anal about politically correct language that people are scared to speak in front of me, I laugh at jokes that no one else understands and I am sarcastic to a fault.



The abc’s


I really do have a lot to say and a number of things on my mind. Really, I don’t have much to add to this already word-filled world, but I do wish that someone was answering the questions that I find myself asking on a regular basis. So I decided that I will do my best to fill this space just in case someone else has the same questions and thoughts out there, because - damn! It gets pretty lonely and dark in this spinning mind of mine.

I’ve divided my thoughts into three categories which fall under the ABCs. A is for Adventure and these pieces will cover everything travel and sport oriented. B is for Business. Try as I might to set myself apart from business-minded humans, I actually enjoy being a part of this community. And statistics, data and marketing kind of turn me on. Finally, C is for Change. At the end of the day I am an activist, mainly in the space of social justice, specifically around women in the outdoor industry. Putting my thoughts into one consolidated space is, thus far, my greatest feat in activism - or at least the scariest.