For the Love of Hotdogs

I first started thinking about the idea of motivation while I was running with my husband. He paces himself with a little mantra: "for the money, the women, the fame." Awesome, right? (This was before we were married) So I started thinking about what my motivating mantra would be. I just registered for the Grand Traverse and have never run for more than 10 miles at a time, so I am in desperate need of a something to keep  me going. 

I cleared my mind and let the inspiration come. My first source of motivation was...hotdogs. Umm...yeah. I don't really like hotdogs. I don't even know if hotdogs is one or two words! The next thing that came to mind was burritos. Maybe I am in the wrong game, I don't think the most beneficial thing for a distance runner to be thinking about 30 + miles into a race should be food. The final addition to my mantra was...mud. I don't know where that came from. As of now, my new mantra is, "for the hotdogs, the burritos, the mud." It has a nice ring to it, especially if you are at a MexiCali rodeo in the rain.

My mom has always told me that if you get quiet and tune into your heart, your inner truth will show itself. If hotdogs, burritos, and mud are my inner truth, I'm toast. Wish me luck world!