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Aisha Weinhold

Pronunciation: Croatia minus the “cro”

Aisha Weinhold is the Founder of No Man’s Land Film Festival: an all-woman adventure film festival. Aisha is a cis, white-passing Latina living in Aspen, Colorado and is 50% of the fastest couple in America for ski-mountaineering. She is endlessly entertained by feminist theory, adventure-based nonfiction, pop hip-hop and loudly debating social justice phenomena over wine. Currently, Aisha is in a deep love affair with birds of prey, needlepointing and talking about reading books recommended by Obama. Over the years Aisha has developed a keen eye for film and is becoming an authority on building new narratives that defy the norms of adventure film. In addition, Aisha has honed her skills in innovative and authentic experiential event production, executing experiences with radical honesty, curiosity, vulnerability and grit. From weddings to film festivals, Aisha aims to deliver gatherings and activations that are unique to her clients. Raised in Carbondale, Colorado and residing in Aspen, Aisha is a skier by profession, an alpinist by choice and a pavement-pounding sack of bones in reality.

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